Holiday Haircuts and Styling: Tutorials for Everyone

The holiday season is in full swing and here’s your guide to having the best holiday hair with these easy hairstyle tutorials. I’ve rounded up my latest favourite hairstyle tutorials. First here’s my foolproof guide to gorgeous party hair with a few personal recommendations that helped me when knew almost nothing about proper party hairdressing. The first rule is to work out how many events you’re going to and what the dress codes are.

Amelia Condon

How to Care for Your Hair Color: an Ultimate Guide

I love the instant transformation a hair colour can give. A new hair colour always looks so amazing, but you want to keep that hair colour looking fresh for as long as possible. So here’s my easy how-to guide to care for your hair colour. Coloured hair does need a little more care than normal hair. Change your shampoo and conditioner to a colour protect formula and add in a weekly hair treatment to nourish your hair as well.

Jane Smith

Getting First-Class Curls After Washing Your Hair

Washing and diffusing curly hair can take up a lot of time, which we oftentimes don’t have – especially in the morning. The alternative to that usually is letting your curls air-dry. This however, leaves me with frizzy hair and almost no volume. This is why I’ve tried another method lately. The past few weeks I’ve washed my curls in the evening right before I went to bed. I’ve done that before, but wasn’t really happy with the results, so I changed a few things about it.

Samantha Black